Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development

Along with the development of information technology in the past time, the demand for high quality human resources also increased, typical in areas such as data analysis, network security, programming mobile applications, game programming, 3D game design programming, visual effects design and 3D animation programming. In particular, the market is in great demand for IT human resources in Vietnam are Japan, USA. Facing this urgent need, KISVN is expanding  the business to enable IT staffs to realize their dreams and help Japanese businesses to get to qualified candidates closer and desire to work in Japan.

We introduce the PAK program in Vietnam to increase employment opportunities for Japanese companies for IT and engineers by providing programs that include Japanese language courses, as well as IT training courses from programming, coding to AI / ML, graphic design. The program is funded by AMEICC and is supported by KIS, Naganuma and PTIT. The benefits that participants receive from financial aid tuition for potential interns in a practical work environment. The PAK program not only focuses on providing quality and sustainable human resources to both domestic and foreign industry but also emphasizes the importance of corporate social responsibility by taking time and funds for local education and welfare organizations to promote local skilled workforce.


  • Training high quality human resources in IT: programming, coding to AI / ML, computer graphic design.
  • Language training: Japanese
  • Provide resources according to customer’s demand
  • Connect between business and IT engineers
  • Enterprise and IT support
  • Create credibility to customers, partners
  • And other tasks according to customer’s demand


  • PAK program
  • Japanese Language Training Program at Naganuma Vietnam Center
  • The eLearning program…
  • AI / ML training program


  • Japan Relief Company
  • Metran Company
  • Pocket Quries Company


  • Hanoi Institute of Posts and Telematics
  • Ho Chi Minh City Posts and Telecommunications Institute
  • Naganuma Japanese Language & Academic Counseling Center
  • Cosmos Japanese Center
  • AI Vietnam Academy